Thursday, January 17, 2008

Top Ten

Top Ten

1. Lieutenant Charles Hayden,
I picked him one because he is the main character and he is a sweet character. He is bold, kind, empathetic, also he makes a good leader, and he always does what he knows is best even if it goes against orders and also he looks out for others as well. Through out the book I fell like he started off as a flat character but as the book when on he became a round character.

2.) Mr. Wickham
I picked him for the second spot because he knows what he wants to do and he does it, and I like that about him. He is also brave like when he snuck over to the enemy ship to capture it and claim it fro Brittan, and he saved Charles Hayden’s life as well. He also is smart and has really good eyes; witch makes him very handy when it comes to looking for ships at night.

3.) It would have to be the first battle scene when Mr. Hayden first came aboard the Themis (the battle is between, the French and the British). I like this scene because it shows that Mr. Hayden is capable to lead a ship on his own, and it shows how he is brave, and he does not fear the enemy.

4.) I like the beginning of the book (the first chapter). I like it because it shows how Mr. Hayden will get his job and it shows what happened to the other first lieutenant. It also sets the mood of the book, witch is it is serious, and a mystery.

5.) I like the Part where Mr. Hayden, Hawthorn, and Mr. Wickham sail to the French island and see what there navy looks like, and how many ships they have. I like it because it shows how Mr. Hayden is calm and can make quick decision when he needs to, also it shows that they can work together at even the most life treating time.

6.) I like the battle scene where Mr. Hayden is partially captain of a ship when captain Bourne is going after some French ships and capture them. And I like this part because Mr. Hayden saw that the French had reinforced the ships with extra troops. So he tries to call off the attack but when that dose not work he steps up and goes and helps Bourne and saves his life.

7.) Mr. Philpott

I like him because he is a good lieutenant to Captain Bourne. Because he does not disagree with borne to put Mr. Hayden in charge of the Lucy. I also like him because he is loyal to his ship mates, and to his superiors. He is just like Mr. Wickham in the way that he is brave like him and just as eager to fight and take place in something great like him.

8.) Dr. Griffiths

I like him because he believes that the ship would be better off with Mr. Hayden then captain Heart, and I agree with him as well. Also he knows when to get involved in an issue and when not to. And if he does get involved he knows what side to be on and how to help that side. Also he is a kind and gentle man, and always wants to help in any way he can even thought he is a really old man.

9.) The crew

I like them because they are a good crew even thought they are about to mutiny the captain. But even with that they still do what they are told (to some extent), but they don’t have a good captain to lead them in to battle. And when heart gets mad he takes out on the crew, witch would push me to mutiny as well.

10.) Captain Heart

I do not like this man; I think he is scared and selfish. He does not ever want to engage in a battle, because he does not want his ship to be wrecked. Also when his lieutenants tell him that the crew is about to mutiny he just goes and punishes one of them or just blows it off. And he does not like Mr. Hayden because he knows that he could take his job. So he tries to get rid of him any way he can, and will punish any one who tries to help him.

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