Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Color of Water

The Color of Water A black man's tribute to his white mother
By James McBride
In the book the james explains what it is like to grow up in a black community with eleven other brothers and sisters with singel a white mother, as a kid he had to dads who were both black and when one died his mom tok a whlie to find another husband but did find oneand when he passed away he stars geting bad grades and stats doing drugs. He describes in the book that when he asked his mother why she was white and he is black, and she always anwsers i am light skined. James is going to camp and this kid comes and his dad is part of the black panthers he thinks and his mom stands next to the member and he thinks that the black panther member will hurt his mom. so he turns around and punshes the kid in the face. Another part of the book is when his mom was growing up with her mom who has polioand her left side of her body is paralized because of it, and dad who are jewish, and were forced to marry each other. Her family comes to america before the holocost, but they leave because the russains have been killing the jews in her village so her family desids to leave. When they come to america they have to move alot because her dad is a rabbi. so when they finally stop moving and settel down in virginia and her dad quits being a rabbi and opoens a grocery store and he runs it pretty strick.

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