Sunday, October 7, 2007

The Color of Water

Part one

1) So far in the book James McBride is describing how hard it is growing up in his house with only his white mother and not a dad. he also tells about how when you reach a certain point in his families life (like when his brothers and sisters get a cretin age) they start to become aware of what is going on in the world and they call it the "revolution". And how when they reach that point they just become hippies and they just don't care what they do. an example of it is when his sister Helen runs away for five years and when she comes back she has a kid, and she left when she was fifteen. and he also talks about how his brother is walking around at night with a friend and a cop accuses him for having heroin because some people that were walking in front of them drop it and Jame's brother had ninety dollar on him that he forgot about.

When he starts talking about his moms life growing up he tells us that as a teenager all she wanted was to be liked by the white kids and just have some friends and have a boyfriend. then when she gets one it is a black boy and he gets here pregnant and she can't tell anybody because if she dose her boyfriend will be killed and her dad will kill both of them. so she wants to run a way with him and get married but he doesn't so the only person that knows is her mom(and i no i said that no one knows that she is pregnant but her mom dose no because she left her bracelet in an ally and her mom found it.

2) James McBride is a jazz musician and a journalist, and was just chosen by American composer john Quincy to write his autobiography for Doubleday Books. For the book the color of water it was named the bestseller and has been on that list for over two years. as an author he has won the 1997 Anisfield Wolf Book Award. and as a music man he has such awards as the 1996 American Arts and Letters Richard Rodgers Award, the 1996 ASCAP Richard Rodgers Horizons Award, and the American Music Theater Festival's 1993 Stephen Sondheim Award. he has also won a lot of other awards and to check those out go to There you will find picture of him as a kid and one resent picture.

Part two

This book is really good i like and i hate reading it is the one thing that i really do not like, but this book is is written so well and it is just one of those books you can't put down or i can't at least. So far in the book his mom is is raising over 10 kids black kids i might ad and she is a white woman so it is tough for her and she is living in a black community. As James starts to grow up he starts to get embarrassed by his white mom. like he dose not tell her sometimes where he going because he dose want her to show up some where and have his black friends see his mom. and James goes to a white school because his mom wants him to get an equal education as the white kids. when his mom was like fifteens she got pregnant by some black boy in her town that she loved and she was scared that the ku klux klanwas going to get him so she did not tell any one but her mom found out but never told. This book doesn't really have a weakness but the only thing that i really could think of would be that it is to long but when you think about it it is really not that bad. But the strengths are numerous, like it tells about his moms child hood and the percent and he describes the time period really well and it just really good.

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