Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Post B 11/20/07

Under Enemy Colors

Dear Charles Hayden,
I am writing to you because I want to know what Robert meant by and I want to know what your reaction meant as well “I have met him once or twice, but his reputation precedes him. I am astonished that you have not heard. Among his detractors he is known as ‘faint heart.’” On page 14. So I was just wondering why he is known as that and what your reaction was. Because when I read this I thought to myself that something bad is going to happen and something bad already has occurred and you will find out what it is. Ad also I think that he will really start to trust you and something will happen to him and you will try to stop it and you become captain. So like I said before I want to know what he meant by that quote and what your reaction meant.

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