Sunday, October 28, 2007

The Sea Inside

The Sea Inside
by Hunter Carrico

Post 1

Well I liked the movie The Sea Inside; I thought that it was really showing what someone in that state goes through. One thing that I did not like was that it was in subtitles. Like you would have to read what they are saying then look at the screen to see what’s going on, and sometimes you would think that you missed something important. But other than that I thought that it was good. If I were in that situation I would do the exact same thing that Ramón wanted to do and did, because he had to go almost his whole life being in that state. I know that his family wanted him to stay alive but I am sure that if it were them they would do the same thing or try to. I think that the if this was not based on a true story it would not be as good because when you watch it you realize that someone actually went through that. But if you saw it and it was not based on a true story it wouldn’t have the same affect on you as it would if it was a true story.

Post 2

The Sea Inside, and, the Diving Bell and the Butterfly, both two really good stories and they are both true. Between them I thought it was one in the same but when you think about it Ramón (The Sea Inside) probably could have avoided his accident as opposes to Jean Dominique Bauby (the Diving Bell and the Butterfly) who was in his condition because of a stroke. And if I had a choice between the two I would choose to be in Ramón’s state because he can talk and move his head when Jean just can not move at all. They both relate to each other in witch they can’t move and how they wish they could, and wish they were the same as they were before there accidence's, but Ramón unlike Jean want to take his life because he knows that he will never be the same so why should he live.

Post 3

The camera angels in the movie The Sea Inside were in my opinion really obvious in the way that when we knew them the watched the movie it showed it in a new way and you could understand it better. At least that is how it was for me. One angel that I noticed was that when there was an object that was important to the story they had a close up of it, and you saw it like the person who saw it would. Like when Manuela showed Julia the box of poems that Ramón wrote, or when Julia sent Ramón the first copy of the book to him and when Javi was flipping through the pages a note fell out they zoomed in on it and to the audience it showed that the note was important. Another angel was the extreme close up of when Ramón would be flying to a place he wanted to go where he thought Julia was. Like when she asked Manuela to tell Ramón she was at the beach and then he dreamed he could fly to the beach and be with her and he was not paralyzed. Or when Julia did that when she was in the hospital when she had a heart attack, and pictured Ramón and her together.

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