Tuesday, December 4, 2007

under Enemy Colors

Post B
Under Enemy Colors

Dear Lieutenant, Charles Hayden
So on page 100-101 you describe the pamphlets that Mr. Wickcham found in the library when Mr. Aldrich returned the books to wickham. The pamphlets were called Common sense and The Rights of man; I just want to know a couple things like, why did you not tell the caption about the pamphlets? Were you scared about what he would do, because I think you should have told him he could have helped you figure the problem out and if he didn’t, you could have told Philip Stephens (the man you are writing to, to tell him how caption hart is as a caption) and you could have maybe taken over the ship. Another question is, are you worried about this the pamphlets being on the ship and all? Because to me that shows that mutiny could come around, and what do you plan to do about it if it does. Were you worried that the pamphlets came from Mr. Aldrich?

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