Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Under Enemy Colors

Post B

Dear, lieutenant, Charles Hayden

I write you again because I was wondering how you felt on the issue that captain Hart stooped you from chasing the two French frigates. Because when I read that chapter in the book it seemed to me that the captain was scared to go after them, and I think that this is going to foreshadow for something to happen, like he will tell you he is scared to fight, or he does not want to because he know the crew cant be trusted with weapons and could try to mutiny. Also I was wondering why doctor Griffiths came to you after he had treated the captain for his migraines and told you that the captain would not be felling well for a day or so. I know that he was just letting you know that but it just seemed a little fishy to me, but then again he could have just been warning you. Another thing I wanted to bring up is do you think it was smart to take over the French? Because I know that you wanted to do it for the prize money and to help keep the sailors from mutinying but as you were making your way to the ship the captain was ordering you to come back. Also I don’t think he is going to be very happy that because you went over to get the ship tow men died, one man will soon die, and eight are injured. To me I think that you will not be able to catch up to the other ship but if you do I think the captain will be mad at you and he will take the prize money for him self, but then again i could be wrong and I hope I am for your sake and the sailors as well.

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