Sunday, December 23, 2007

Under Enemy Colors

Under Enemy Colors
Post B
Dear lieutenant Charles Hayden,

I write you again because I am now wondering what will happen to Mr. Hawthorn, Mr. Wickham, and yourself now that you are off the captured French ship and now in a French town as ‘spies’. I also wonder if you agree with what Mr. Hawthorn says about how he thinks that he just put Hayden and him on this mission because he does not want them on the ship, or he wants them to die. Were you mad when Mr. Wickham showed up on the beach when it was only suppose to be hawthorn and Hayden? Do you think it was a good idea to kill that French captain, because I don’t? To me it was stupid; he blew your only cover. Also do you think that you guys will make it back to the ship safe? Like I think that someone will either be shot or will be captured. And if that is the case then you will have to back and save them.

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